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Mobix Player Pro is an Android-based application, and its popularity is growing day by day. This app helps you with multiple tasks, so you don’t need to have multiple apps or subscriptions. Mobix Player allows you to access multiple OTT platforms without paying for subscriptions and access their popular Web Series it’s free. It helps those people who can’t purchase OTT subscriptions or can’t afford multiple OTT subscriptions for their favorite Web Seris, that’s why the Mobix Player Pro app is growing and increasing their popularity.

Released OnAndroid
Required Android5.1 and up
File Size105 Mb

Mobix Player Pro Information

The Mobix Player is a permanent media player that allows users to play their IPTV playlist, like live TV, VOD, and Web series, on their Smartphones, Android TVs, and other Android devices. This app’s main motive is to provide its users with full freedom.

About Mobix Player Pro

Mobix Player Pro is a legitimate and popular movie and web series streaming provider for Android devices. This popular application provides you with an exclusive collection of movies and series. Users can find all kinds of series like sci-fi, action, thriller, comedy, adventure, horror, and many more. This app allows you all to find your favorite genres and easily watch movies and series you want to watch. As this is a free platform, you don’t have to worry about spending your single penny purchasing premium subscription plans. To download Mobix Player Pro APK, tap on the download button. Download and Enjoy.

Overview of Mobix Player Pro App

The Mobix Player Pro is a clear and easy-to-use application, which means you can watch movies and enjoy music without any distance. The apps give us full freedom without paying money.

The Mobix Player is a great media player for Android users. It has very useful features and works well on low-configuration phones. Mobix Player also has an improved interface and looks more than most other players. Deep explanation in the below section.

Features of Mobix Player Pro Apk for Android

  • Play videos and music: You can use Mobix Player Pro to play videos and music. It has a better interface and good UI.
  • Live TV and web series: Mobix Player allows us to watch live sports, channels, kids’ separate channel categories, TV, multiple OTT platforms popular web series for free.
  • High-quality playback: The app supports playing high-quality videos, including HD and 4K videos. Mobix Player doesn’t struggle like the default media player on playing high-resolution videos. In the app, you can enjoy sharp images and vivid colorful videos on your phone screen.
  • Manage media library: Mobix Player Pro organizes and manages your media files automatically. You can also create playlists, search for files, and view details if you don’t like them.
  • Subtitles feature: Mobix Player allows you to add and customize subtitles for your videos. You can download subtitles from the internet or use subtitle text on your videos. Mobix Player gives you options to adjust the subtitle size, position, and font style.
  • Customize the interface: The app allows you to personalize the app’s interface by changing the theme, color, and layout according to your preferences.
  • Playback controls: Mobix Player provides convenient media playback controls, fast-forward/slow-down options, such as volume adjustment, and custom playback modes.
  • Multi-language support: Mobix Player Pro supports multiple languages, making it easy for all of us to use.

How to Use The Mobix Player Pro App

It’s effortless to activate the Mobix Player Pro app. We will show you a step-by-step guide for it.

Download and install: Get the Mobix Player Pro App from a reliable source. You can download the app from our site, We update the before everyone and we give a proper check of the app file before publishing it. After downloading the file can install the app.

Installation guide Mobix Player Pro

  1. Open your computer.
  2. connect to the Internet.
  3. Open a web browser.
  4. Go to
  5. Find the downloadable file of Mobix Player Pro and download the file.
  6. Transfer the file to your Android phone.
  7. After that go to the phone’s settings.
  8. After that go to Security Settings.
  9. You need to enable the option of “Install from unknown sources”.
  10. After that, install the setup file.
  11. After installation, you can use the app.

Code Activation Section

Here you can see they need an activation code to unlock the Mobix Player Pro App’s full Features. After that, you enter the FREE ACTIVATION CODE and see the next screen appear.

After Activation

Enter the activation code for your Mobix Player Pro app is ready to go. You will see the app is working fine and watch your favorite shows.

Home Screen Overview

Mobix Player Pro App home screen design is simple and clean, in the top section you will see popular movies or web series information. The next section is recently added movies and the last section is your recently watched movies, web series, or TV serials.

Menus Overview

In the Menu section, four buttons are available home, live, movies, and series.

we have already discussed about home button, Next is the Live button available here you can see live TV, sports, news, and kid’s channels.

Mobix Player Pro has a movies button where you can see multiple language-based movies.

The last menu section is the Series button, in this section, you see all OTT platforms with their web series.

Customize Setting

Select media files: Browse folders or lists in the library to find and select the media file you want to play.

Playback controls: Use the media playback controls in the application interface. You can use buttons and sliders to adjust the volume, fast forward or slow down videos, and choose different playback modes.

Enjoy your content: Now you can get the most out of your media content with Mobix Player Pro. Watch movies, listen to music, and explore the app’s features and options.

Tips and advice when using the Mobix Player Pro App

  • Download from trusted sources: Download Mobix Player Premium only from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store or the official developer website to ensure security.
  • Keep up to date: Keep the Mobix Player Pro app up to date by installing the latest version. Updates bring improvements and fixes to enhance your experience.
  • Organize your files: Create separate folders for different types of media, such as movies, TV shows, and music, to keep your content organized and easy to find.
  • Customise settings: Explore the app’s settings and personalize your experience by adjusting themes, colors, sound effects, and other options.
  • Use subtitles: If the video you’re watching has subtitles, use Mobix Player Pro’s subtitle feature.
  • You can download subtitles or use existing subtitle files to enhance your viewing experience.
  • Share content: Use Mobix Player Pro’s content-sharing features to share your favorite videos and music with friends and family. Connect and enjoy content together.

Pros and Cons of Mobix Player Pro App


  1. Internet speed should be excellent to use the app.
  2. Data costs are also high.
  3. The app doesn’t deliver exactly what it claims.
  4. Although they claim that their app is ad-free, ads are displayed in between.
  5. It is not an alternative to any OTT platform but a simple video player.
  6. There are many old and reliable video player apps available in the market.
  7. Some features offered in your app don’t work at all. But they still provided it and promoted their app based on it.
  8. The subtitle function does not work.
  9. The developer has not provided transparent details about the app.
  10. Mobix Player Pro APK app is free as it does not contain any content or programs.


  1. Internet speed: The Mobix Player Pro application requires a faster internet speed during playback, otherwise the video or live stream will stop or not play.
  2. Data consumption: The Mobix Player application uses a lot of mobile data, that’s why your mobile data will run out quickly.
  3. Ads broadcast: This application displays multiple ads unnecessarily, which annoys the user.
  4. Malfunctioning: Basically, some options are not available and I think the developers should fix this problem as soon as possible.
  5. STORAGE: If you have a large collection of media files, Mobix Player Pro can take up a lot of space on your device.
  • Mobix Player Pro supports a wide range of popular media formats and can play video and audio files from a variety of sources.
  • High-quality playback: Enjoy high-quality video playback with Mobix Player Pro, including HD and 4K video, with sharp images and vibrant colors.
  • Subtitle options: Mobix Player Pro offers a wide range of subtitle features. You can add, edit, and customize subtitles to your liking.
  • Customized interface: Personalise the user interface of Mobix Player Pro to your liking. You can change the theme, colors, and layout to your liking.
  • Free application: The application is completely free and you can access all its features.

Activation Code

Mobix Player Pro APK Free Activation Code

When you download and install the Mobix Player Pro application and open it, you will need a code to activate the pro features. Click on the button below to see the activation code.


Is Mobix Player Pro App safe to use?

Yes, it is completely safe when you get it from official sites if you download Mobix Player Pro Apk from third-party sites then you have to perform a virus scan for your safety.

Is Mobix Player Pro APK available for PCs & laptops?

No, this app is only for Android & iOS Devices. But you can use Mobix Player Pro using Android Emulator.

How to Remove Ads from Mobix Player Pro App?

Mobix Player Pro App doesn’t have any ads.

How to find a Mobix Player Pro?

Yes, you can find a free Activation code on our website. We have provided a free Activation code upper section of this post.

Final verdict

The most recent Mobix Player Pro for Android is an outstanding media app. It features numerous helpful functions like playing a variety of media files, top-notch playback quality, several subtitle choices, and a customizable layout. The Pro version ensures seamless movie and music enjoyment.

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